5 reasons to choose Ukraine

  • 1Doctors are educated and experienced according to the strict standards of European medicine
  • 2Medical institutions comply with all international accreditations, licenses and equipped in accordance with world standards
  • 3Prices are on 70-80% lower comparing to Israel, Germany, France or United States
  • 4Quality service, aimed at providing maximum comfort and a speedy recovery
  • 5Central, very convenient location

5 steps to get well

  • 1Connection
    Reach us by means of e-mail, telephone or through our representative
  • 2Training advice
    After a professional study of your medical records by our trusted doctor, we agree with you the method and the time of advisory
  • 3Advisory
    After talking with the doctor, you can decide whether you really want to receive the treatment, appropriate to your condition, in Ukraine.
  • 4Treatment
    After confirmation of the decision to be treated in Ukraine, we will prepare all the necessary conditions for the further stay and treatment. During your stay in Ukraine, we will always be nearby and will help in any situation.
  • 5Return homeWe will accompany you till the end of a treatment and complete recovery.



Need to know

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) – one of the major causes of chronic liver diseases, including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, and is the main indication for liver transplantation. In the world, hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected about 170 mln people. The criterion of virus elimination and thus cure for chronic hepatitis C is now considered sustained viral response – negative qualitative test for HCV RNA in 6 months upon completion of treatment

On the basis of the dynamics of viral load (HCV RNA concentration in plasma), quick and early virologic response at 4 and 12 weeks after initiation of treatment are determined respectively, and the virologic response at the end of the course of antiviral therapy and relapse rate after its completion. First two indicators can predict probability of persistent response in patients with 1 HCV genotype and hence the need to continue treatment. The last two indicators make it possible to judge the effectiveness of a completed course of antiviral therapy, but do not replace the definition of SVR.

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